Family Jobs

Family job duties are an important part of Providence Nursery School’s cooperative culture. For the school to run smoothly, families and jobs should be well matched. You can state three preferences on the Job Preference Form. We also are interested in your ideas for new jobs.

Families will receive their job assignments in August. Because we have such an involved community, some of the jobs listed may already be assigned. If none of your preferences are available, the Vice President of Administration will contact you to discuss other options.

Families can also serve as members of the PNS Board. These positions fulfill a family’s requirement for a family job.

Board Positions

Our board of directors is made up of volunteers each year. Each position is that family’s job.


  • Overall administration of the school, including calendar and day-to-day operations

  • Serves as church liaison: communicates with business manager for scheduling rooms, putting up signs or ads in church bulletin

  • Writes teacher/aide/other contracts

  • Writes info for newsletter and other documents

  • Creates and maintains school documents, policies and procedures, information packets, agendas

      • Oversees other Executive Board members

      • Oversees family jobs, to be assigned by the VP Admin with President’s assistance

      • Oversees the maintenance of the facility, checking in with teachers for any proposed changes

  • Approves spending and oversees school budget (with Treasurer)

  • Coordinates after school enrichment (soccer, yoga, etc.)

  • Anything that lacks a volunteer falls to the President; however, the President doesn’t have to do the task, just take the time to find someone who can

Vice President Administration

  • Fills in for President when necessary (not as important with Co-Presidents)

  • Tracks member responsibilities

    • Volunteer hours

    • Meeting attendance

    • Parent education hours

    • Clean-up days

  • Family jobs

    • Maintains job descriptions for all positions

    • Works with President to assign jobs, using job preference forms if possible

    • Checks to be sure families are performing their jobs appropriately

  • Substitute coordinator

    • Helps parents find last-minute subs

    • Finds subs for teachers for school events (brunches, conferences, etc.)

    • Keeps master list of parents who are able to sub

Vice President Enrollment

  • Answers all calls/messages/emails from prospective families, gives tours, and fills openings

  • Creates and maintains up-to-date roster and wait-list

  • Updates documents and application form for enrollment packet

  • Manages in-house/alumni /new families’ registration and sends out confirmation emails.

  • Runs PNS’s booth at Burke Preschool Fair

  • Organizes PNS Open House

  • Oversees PNS advertising/marketing

Vice President Forms

  • Updates, distributes, and collects forms packets by deadline

  • Background checks

  • Maintains medical forms, allergy forms, emergency contact forms

  • Maintains master school contact lists, field trip folders, and updates forms throughout the school year


  • Keeps attendance and minutes at board meetings

  • Distributes drafts and makes changes to previous minutes

  • Assists with electronic communication groups at President’s request

  • Handles cards/flowers/gifts for families (births, illness, deaths, etc.)


  • Works with President to write budget / estimates income and operating expenses

  • Contact person with bookkeeper (who issues financial reports, handles payroll and deductions, can write checks, etc.)

  • Writes checks to pay bills and to reimburse parents/teachers for school expenses

  • Keeps track of checks written in check log and submits monthly to bookkeeper

  • Keeps track of teacher leave and substitutes to submit monthly to bookkeeper

Assistant Treasurer

  • Makes all school deposits and sends a monthly record of deposits to Treasurer (who submits monthly to bookkeeper)

  • Collects all payments from families and keeps track of what each family owes, including late fees

  • Completes DCSP letter as needed by parents

  • Maintains lunch bunch roster

Fundraising Chair(s)

  • Events will change from year to year, but have included the Barnes and Noble Book Fair, various Catalog Sales, Holiday Shop, Big Room Playdates, Spring Concert/Raffle and others, as determined by the Fundraising Committee the summer before the school year begins.

  • Meets with the entire Fundraising Committee several times a year to plan and delegate event responsibilities for every upcoming fundraiser.

  • Recruits and organizes necessary volunteers for fundraising events

  • Organizes, reviews inventory, and purchases PNS apparel to sell at events throughout the year, beginning with the Spring Coffee in May.

  • At times, events may be held with the support of the Social Committee

  • Solicits ideas and makes suggestions for how fundraising proceeds will be used

Technology Director

  • Description coming soon…

Family Jobs

Art Corner Coordinator

(This job is done weekly at the school – usually on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons.)

  • Coordinate art needs with teachers

  • Maintain paints, easels, smocks, and other art supplies

  • Check and refill art supplies weekly

  • Clean brushes and smocks as needed

Bulletin Board/Art Show

(This job is done at the school – usually after school hours or on a weekend day.)

  • Maintain an attractive seasonal display on school bulletin board

  • Organize and prepare art for the annual PNS art display at a local library

Class Representative (1 per class – CDO, 2s, 3s, 3/4s, 4s)

  • Act as communication link between individual class and Board, and between parents and teachers

  • Organize class get-togethers during the summer as well as the school year

  • Create class co-op schedule

  • Track family volunteer hours and send reminders periodically to those who are falling short of requirement

**NOTE: Because Class Reps are required to attend monthly Board meetings, they will not be required to fulfill additional volunteer hours throughout the year. **

Clean-Up Committee

Description coming soon…

Clean-Up Committee Chair

  • Oversee school clean-up days (5 Saturday mornings each school year) by delegating clean-up responsibilities to parent volunteers

  • Purchase clean-up supplies as needed

  • Purchase coffee/juice and light breakfast for clean-up days

  • Return dress-ups to the proper bins

  • Check toilet paper, soap and paper towel supplies in bathrooms weekly and restock as necessary

  • Take out recyclables from kitchen during clean-up days or as needed

Co-op Trainer and Parent Education Coordinator

  • Coordinate and run Co-op Training for parents

  • Schedule parent education speakers

  • Coordinate and run Speech/OT Screenings

Dress-up Coordinator

(This job is done weekly at the school – usually on Monday mornings; can be done Sunday afternoons)

  • Oversee care, cleaning and maintenance of dress-ups

  • Provide new dress-ups as requested by teachers or Board or as you see fit within approved budget

  • Pull out dress-ups at the beginning of each week, checking with teachers for appropriate theme

  • Return dress-ups to the proper bins

  • Take dress ups home every other month and wash them in hot water on gentle cycle

Enrichment Coordinator

(This job is usually a good match for someone in the 3s, 3/4s or 4s class, as enrichment activities take place on Wednesdays).

  • Schedule and coordinate bimonthy special events that enrich/enhance the theme of the week (puppet shows, story times, etc.)

  • Coordinate room booking with the church

  • Promote the enrichment activities via email to PNS families, flyers, newsletter and web editor at the beginning of each month

  • Arrange payment for the event with the Treasurer

  • Arrive at school on day of enrichment activities to meet presenters/performers and assist them in their preparations

  • Share responsibility for taking pictures of in-house Enrichment events with Photography Coordinator and post to class websites on Shutterfly

  • Coordinate volunteers to assist with enrichment activities as necessary

Enrollment Assistant

  • Maintain Facebook and Instagram pages

  • Digital Grassroots marketing

  • Coordinate with website/technology director to make sure website is up-to-date

  • Create graphics for print and digital with Canva

  • Work with VP Enrollment on Open Houses for new families including creating Facebook events and emails for wider community distribution

  • Coordinate with Fundraising/Social Committee as needed to promote events

Trip Coordinator (1 per class – 3s, 3/4s, 4s)

  • Work with teachers and parents to determine how many field trips the class will go on each year, and to where

  • Plan and coordinate field trips with various places (VDOT, Safeway, Frying Pan Park, etc)

  • Schedule and track which parents will drive on each field trip, and determine which child(ren) will go with them

Fire Safety/Health Coordinator

(This job is done at the school once/month.)

  • Coordinate practice of monthly fire drills with preschool staff and church staff

  • Check the First Aid supplies each month and be sure they are fully stocked and in order

  • Make sure the folders with info on communicable diseases are stocked, and ensure there are accident report forms available for the teachers

  • Help the President create our Emergency Policy information, which may also include working with teachers/President on a Lock-Down Drill

Fish/ Animal Maintenance

(This job involves coming to the school on weekends and is a good match for someone who lives near the school.)

  • Maintain fish tank weekly

  • Arrange for animal care during vacations and the summer

  • Assist teachers in caring for special animal visitors

Fundraising Committee

  • Assist the Fundraising Chairperson(s) in planning, coordinating and working school-wide fundraisers

  • Orchestrate fundraising activities within individual classes

**NOTE: Due to the amount of time required for this job, only 4 volunteer hours will be required for the year that you are on this committee.**


  • Prepare weekly book list using Excel

  • Prepare new books for shelving (as needed)

  • Provide list of books to teachers for use in lesson plans

  • Suggest new titles and maintain wish list

  • Work with Librarians and Database Coordinator to keep book database current

Librarian Assistant

(This job is done weekly at school, usually on Friday afternoons; can also be done over a weekend.)

  • Pull books to match the theme each week, as provided by the Librarian

  • Coordinate book repairs and replacement

  • Re-shelve books each week

  • Assist the Librarian with the yearly book inventory

Maintenance Chair

  • Coordinate maintenance of school equipment and lead scheduled maintenance days (5 Saturday mornings each school year)

  • Create maintenance schedule for school playground

  • Check with teachers and VP Admin on a regular basis to take care of any maintenance needs that come up between scheduled maintenance days

**NOTE: Due to the amount of time required for this job, the Maintenance Chair will not be required to fulfill additional volunteer hours throughout the year. **

Maintenance Committee (At least 3 families needed)

(This job requires physical work, such as painting, raking, and performing some carpentry duties.)

  • Help the school Maintenance Chair with any jobs that involve school equipment and/or other maintenance-related activities

  • Attend all school clean-up days (5 Saturday mornings per year)

  • Rake pea-gravel and perform general playground maintenance weekly during month(s) assigned by Maintenance Chair

**NOTE: Due to the amount of time required for this job, only 4 volunteer hours will be required for the year that you are on this committee.**

Newsletter Editor

  • Prepare monthly newsletter by collecting information from teachers, parents and Board members

Photography Coordinator

(This job requires a digital camera. Most work is done at school, but some work needs to be done on a home computer. The parent should have familiarity with Power Point. Need to have availability on some Wednesday mornings).

  • Produce placemats for each student with photos of their classmates for the first week of school

  • Set up and coordinate school Picture Day in early fall; assist on Picture Day as needed; organize sales and distribution of picture packets

  • Set up and maintain photo websites for each class

  • Share responsibility for taking pictures of in-house Enrichment events with Enrichment Coordinator

  • Post pictures from Enrichment events on class websites on Shutterfly

  • Coordinate creation of class photobooks with class volunteers and negotiate with Shutterfly for group purchase price

  • Distribute class books to those who purchased them


  • Make play-dough weekly and drop off at school on Monday morning

  • Consult with teachers regarding color themes

Social Events Chairperson

(This job is done mostly at school, but will need time to prepare or buy food and/or supplies.)

  • Organize refreshments, and help with set-up and clean-up for various school functions:

      • Back-to School night

      • Co-op training and first two days of school (September)

      • Holiday Shop (December)

      • Open House (January)

      • Spring fundraiser (March)

      • Spring Coffee

      • End of Year ceremony (May)

VCPC Representative

  • Coordinate VCPC events that are hosted by PNS and nomination process for parent and teacher awards

  • Attend monthly VCPC board meetings (usually conference calls; children are welcome when in-person meetings are necessary)

  • Attend PNS board meetings in February and March to discuss VCPC award nominations and announce winners

  • It is recommended that our VCPC Rep takes on a VCPC board position. If this is the case, volunteer hours can be waived.

Website Editor

  • Post monthly newsletter on website

  • Update PNS website as needed when requested by Board members