Child's Day Out Teacher

My son attended PNS years ago. Right away, I felt that we were in the right place! This is a very supportive, family-friendly community. It has been my privilege to continue here as a teacher in the CDO, Twos, and Threes classes.

The play-based curriculum at PNS makes sense to young children. Every day we play inside and outside, pretend, create, read, sing, and problem-solve. There are friends. There are choices. Toys and materials are rotated so that there is always something new and interesting to do. This is a curriculum for everyone — it adjusts to fit the child, instead of the other way around.

Before staying home with my children for several years, I was a teacher and specialist in Arlington and Alexandria, working with English as a Second Language and preschool students. What I valued most was helping newcomers feel comfortable and safe in a new environment. This is my goal as a preschool teacher, too: to ensure that my students feel comfortable and safe enough to learn and enjoy preschool.

I have a BS in Linguistics and an MS in Applied Linguistics, both from Georgetown University; I studied language acquisition and development, which plays a big role in early childhood classes. In addition to encouraging children to express themselves with words, I love sharing well-written picture books with photos and beautiful illustrations, leading movement and music activities, taking nature walks, and helping children follow their natural curiosity to examine, explore, discuss, and experiment. I am always learning along with my students!