Our Philosophy

Children playing with pails, shovels and trucks in outdoor sand box

Play Based

The cooperative preschool program at Providence Nursery School provides an environment in which your child is encouraged to develop their motor and social skills, attitudes, and behaviors. These skills help your child become aware of themselves as a unique and worthwhile individual.

Our curriculum is based on the idea that play is the most appropriate way for a young child to learn about the world. It is the natural way for children to try out ideas, to exercise their imaginations, to practice grown-up behavior, and to develop a sense of control of their environment.

4 children with helmets riding tricycles outside

Child Directed

Our staff acknowledges the diversity in children and strives to foster the learning process by encouraging each child’s individual interests. Therefore, learning is often child directed. The teachers guide the children in learning respect, fairness, and tolerance of others. They oversee large, cheerful classrooms containing many interest centers for creative play, including housekeeping, arts and crafts, block-building, large and small manipulatives, painting, water and sand tables, music, and a book corner. Children also play with an assortment of riding and digging toys on the outdoor playground.

Parent and 2 students sitting at table drawing

Parent Involved

Providence Nursery School believes that the most rewarding preschool program is one that involves parents. Through classroom participation, parents are able to observe successful teaching methods, suitable play materials for various age groups, the progress each child is making, and his/her relationship with other children and with adults. The participating parent, acting as a teacher’s assistant, lends to the cooperative school skills, talents, and a sincere interest in providing the best possible education for all of the children.